A Tale Of 2 Football Cultures

It is amazing how 2 similar incidents can be taken so differently in 2 different countries.

I am talking about how reckless tackles leading to serious injuries were treated in Spain and England.

2 weeks ago in the game between Recreativo Huelva and Real Madrid, Recreativo defender, Quique Alvarez was guilty of a crude tackle on Real’s Arjen Robben as he caught him on his Achilles putting him out for 4 to 5 weeks.

The reaction in Spain was swift and vicious as they rounded on Alvarez with everybody from fans to press condemning the player for his actions. To the player’s credit he did say that although it was an accident, it was still a bad challenge and whatever punishment comes his way, he deserves it.

In England, 1 week before the aforementioned incident, Arsenal’s Eduardo Da Silva was a victim of a terrible tackle by Birmingham City’s Martin Taylor that left him out for 9 months, out of the Euro2008 and his career in the balance.

The condemnation was not as bad as it was in Spain although  ufabet ทางเข้าบอลสเต็ป some Croatian fans reportedly sent death threats to Taylor. But the saddest part as far as I am concerned is that Martin Taylor was made to look like the victim and not the perpetuator.

Everyone was coming out with lame excuses like he was not a dirty player or that the last time he was sent off was a long time ago. There were even messages of support for Taylor as if he was going through a traumatic experience. His manager Alex McLeish voiced concerns about his well-being as he felt that he had been affected by all the publicity surrounding the incident.