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Few investors see real estate investment as a business. It is time to think differently and approach real estate investing like entrepreneurs.

We believe that two key factors to running a successful Real Estate Development company are great systems and long-lasting relationships.

To run their businesses effectively, entrepreneurs use proven systems and draw on others. They view their business as a separate entity. They recognize that their business is not theirs and view their business as the final product. If a property developer can understand this, they have a great chance to be very successful.

Realizing that real estate development can be a business, and that your company is your product, is the first step in building your business. You will need to shift your thinking and approach to real estate investment in order to build a successful business in real estate development.

The ultimate real estate developer, according to us, is what we refer to as a RED armchair entrepreneur. The traditional property developer still believes that real estate development should be a job. They believe time equals work, money equals work, whereas a RED-eyed entreprenuer believes time equals equity. Equity equals freedom. In other words, if RED-armchair entrepreneurs spend time building equity it will enable them to get out of the business. If they want more freedom, they can build more equity.

Traditional real estate agents still believe they must do the work and be part the system, whereas RED armchair entrepreneurs believe they should have great relationships and let others do the work. This allows RED armchair entrepreneurs build their businesses faster.

It will often take more work to make a business succeed if the owner is also the developer. Anyone considering entering the industry should set up a business that runs the systems and then let others manage the systems. This means that the systems and people do all the work so that you don’t have.

You can focus on what really matters and get the best return on your investment when you work on your business. RED armchair entrepreneurs employ systems to simplify tasks and prevent chaos, so that they can focus on growing their business.

RED armchair entrepreneurs can focus their efforts on innovation when the systems are being managed by others. They can take advantage of moments of inspiration, and they are able to communicate effectively to make their dreams a reality.

Donald Trump is a common name that comes to mind when you think of great property developers. However, Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, was actually a dropout from school. A visionary entrepreneur who focused on his business, not his business.

Ray didn’t think he was in a hamburger business, but he was actually in real estate. Ray acquired development sites in prime locations and put fast food restaurants there, which he then franchised. Ray Kroc, who was valued at $500 million, died January 14, 1984.


We are proud parents and business owners. Our most valuable asset is our time. However, we also knew that we did not want to become traditional real estate developers. They would spend too much time trading their time for money.

Instead, we saw the bigger picture and used the same entrepreneurial skills that we learned in our architectural practice to property developments. We needed real estate development to help us achieve our ultimate goal, financial freedom and giving back.

We knew that once we reached our ultimate goal, it would open up more options for us so we could live the life we wanted.

Real estate development is only possible if you are connected to what is most important to your heart. Real estate development can be more enjoyable if you think more like a RED armchair entrepreneur. You will feel more in control and have a sense that you are on the right track.Go to for more Information.

It will drive you to get out of bed every morning and keep you up until the wee hours. You will be able to live your life deliberately, not randomly, and it will inspire you to reach your full potential.

Real estate development is not about setting your ultimate goal. It’s about what you want your life like.

It’s not about material possessions or about other people. There is no right or incorrect answer, as everyone will have their own unique answers. It’s about you and your life. Real estate development can only be used to help you achieve your ultimate goal.