NIGEL GOODWIN'S HOMEPAGE Full of technical stuff along with martial arts links
PLAYWELL MARTIAL ARTS Suppliers of all martial arts equipment
JUGGLEEAZ CIRCUS SKILLS One of our students sites, offering training in circus skills.
BRUCE LEE FANS LOOK HERE This young man has one of the most comprehensive Bruce Lee collections I have seen (good for fans)
NAKMAS A governing body worth a look at if you are a small group and need support
FREE SPIRIT JU JITSU Here is a very similar group to ours http//
DERBY KARATE CLUB Quite a large site with a lot of links worth a look
VISION 2000 This site is highly recommended its prices are excellent along with service for all your club trophies.
TMAN A very large collection of various Martial arts websites big site takes time to get through it
KARATE KID  These are suppliers who also keep a substantial site worth a visit
TNT Another collective site full of links to other groups
MARTIAL ARM If your site is not listed here then Its the only one that isn't
KOBUKAN KARATE CLUB A friendly group who linked to our site
SHINBOKU DOJO This is a very professional group who linked to our site
American Ju Jitsu Federation interesting site worth a visit
Budoshin Ju Jitsu This is another brother in the Ju Jitsu clan who are linked to our site
TIBSHELF PARISH COUNCIL Our local site gives an outside interest in our village here in Derbyshire
PEAK FM Local radio station they gave New Spirit a mention over the airwaves.
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Karate depot for martial arts equipment
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Christian Martial Arts Network This group have an interesting way of looking at Martial arts It shows that Martial arts suits everyone
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