Setrega – A Global Analytical Regulatory Platform

Setrega is the Global Regulatory Analytical Platform which gives a complete answer for the monetary establishments for conforming to at least one Regulatory Authorities. Through exceptionally adaptable and start to finish mechanization, Setrega assists clients with arranging Reporting Data, Reporting API, Connecting/Integrating Settings, Report Generation Requirements, Report Validation Requirements, Report Submission Mode and Feedback Management. As a Global Regulatory Analytical Platform, Setrega is intended to coordinate with any monetary administrations firms to get administrative information and cycle them to administrative reports in unambiguous organizations with least customization exertion.

At present, all monetary organizations are dealing with issues with dynamic changes in administrative necessities, execution gambles related with administrative detailing and overseeing administrative report mistake taking care of. All monetary organizations are compelled to adjust to these difficulties and consistently look for arrangements which are financially savvy and exact, with ongoing input administration. Sensiple’s Setrega squeezes into this arising climate by supporting various Regulatory Authorities with a start to finish robotized arrangement.

Guideline Complied Preconfigured – ESMA – MIFIR/MiFID II, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (SFC) and so on.,
Huge advantages of the Global Regulatory Analytical Platform are,

Mechanization Capability

Monetary Institutions gets the benefit of getting ready and submitting administrative reports without manual exertion.

Follow new Regulations without risk

Setrega gives adaptable information source arrangement, API planning and announcing design changes with least customization in item level which guarantees alleviation from administrative and consistence gambles for the monetary organizations working in different districts.


Contingent upon the Institutions type like regulatory affairs strategy Buy Side/Sell Side/scenes, Setrega is versatile concerning expanding number of associations, the humongous volume of information, more number of reports and configurations, expanded number of accommodation modes and administrative specialists.


Taking care of a huge volume of information gives provokes in overseeing information to reviewing; Setrega makes it more open by permitting the clients to have full command over information by strong information straightforwardness technique.


Setrega go about as an all in one resource for all administrative detailing for monetary establishments. An immensely useful dashboard in Setrega gives generally verifiable, current and booked administrative reports and its inside and outside situations with graphical and plain portrayals.